October 20th, 2020

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  •   Hackers Shut Down Korean Sites on War Anniversary | Oracle's Cloud Subscriptions Disappoint; Shares Dive |  
  •   BoE's King: Markets Have Jumped Gun on Interest Rates | McDonald's Stops Offering Halal Food After Lawsuit |  

About Us


  This website teaches individuals to trade or improve their trading by providing the information for learning along with our actual trade selections and the results of those trades. We day trade, swing trade, scalp trade, position trade and hedge trade. We like to hold trades from a week to three months but the majority of our trading would be active scalp and day trading looking to benefit from the quicker smaller moves both long and short.
We will show you our monthly analysis which is done with a global macroeconomic approach. Once a month we will bring out our longer term strategy, in which we are willing to hold assets for 1-3 months. This strategy focuses on hedge trading to protect investment and return a profit regardless of market direction. You will see what areas we are looking to enter, what positions we are cutting, adding or starting and our targets. These reports are simple and straight forward. Alongside this you will get our economic report for the month.  
  Access to our weekly technical analysis which is brought out over the weekend. This style will focus on day trading with areas of entering and exiting that we are adding to our watch list. During market hours we will be calling out any trades we take. We will be calling out our scalp trades whether they be futures, equities or currencies.You can also access live news feeds which are on most pages of the site including a calendar section reporting economic news with insight of how the news affects the market.
Starting out? We have an educational section which aims to help you from the very start of your learning experience. In addition to education material, you receive access to our reports and trades, on site news and our take on news articles - all done in an understandable way for those who are starting out. The goal is to increase your knowledge of the markets by providing this education information in order to help you improve as a trader.   
  Our education section will constantly be added to as more advanced education material is added.  We will be checking in from time to time to see how you are doing and how you feel the site is doing for you. If at any time you feel confused or feel that the site is missing some material let us know and we will do our best to get on top of it.


Top Features
  • Trade Ideas

Daily Scalp Trading, Weekly Swing Trading or Postion Trading with various trading models. Day trading ideas are issued live in our commentary section, with watchlists being released weekly for swings trades, and the monthly macro report brings up trade ideas which are intended to be hedged and held over a few months.

We issue trade ideas for global equites with a primary focus on the US and Euope. We trade across most asset classes, most commonly single stocks, index trades, commoditties, forex, futures and bonds.

  • Access to our trading portfolio

We have two main portfolios. The day trading portfolio and the Macro Top Down Portfolio although we run various different strategies.

  • Educational

Access to educational material, which will be constantly updated with new information. We also provide tutorial videos. 



Member Perks
  • Morning/Afternoon reports 
  • Economic Calendar 
  • Daily Market Commentary 
  • Monthly Market Report 
  • Global News 


Our commitment

This website will teach you how to be a better trader as you will learn how to be objective and consistent from seeing our day trading and swing trading blotters on a daily basis.