October 21st, 2020

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  •   Hackers Shut Down Korean Sites on War Anniversary | Oracle's Cloud Subscriptions Disappoint; Shares Dive |  
  •   BoE's King: Markets Have Jumped Gun on Interest Rates | McDonald's Stops Offering Halal Food After Lawsuit |  


How can The Daily Trader help me improve?

Even if you are an experienced trader there is always improvement to be made. A six figure salary is not an indicator to say that you are a perfect trader. Most of us have heard some of the biggest named companies in which traders still  lose billions from lack of risk knowledge or just over investing. But if you feel confident in trading you still get access to news, our trading calls, a community forum where traders can share ideas and also learn new strategies from our education section. You can always learn how to trade other financial products/

What trading can I expect to see onsite?

There are many different types of traders and many different types of trading strategies and with markets much more volatile due to the growth experienced by technology and internet companies, it is best not to have any one strategy. Onsite we will be discussing live trading calls scalping into and out of US and European futures. Over the weekend we will bring out a small watch list that looks to target quick positions for small moves from certain setups in the market (day trading). And once a month we bring out a detailed analytical report on varios products over varios markets which we aim to trade over a longer term of one to three months. We make long trades, short trades and hedge trades onsite. 

What trades does this site talk about?

We trade multiple products and we announce our trade watch lists and the live time trades we are taking. The Watch list week per week will go over equities which we are looking to day trade to make the quick move. The Monthly Analysis will make calls on Equities, Indices, Commodities and Currencies long or short. These are the standard products we trade in the monthly watch list but if we feel like there is a good ETF trade or Bond trade we will add it. During the day we will be calling our live futures trades which will be on the S&P 500, DAX, and FTSE Futures.

I don't trade European stocks, is this site for me?

We at The Daily Trader bring out a global macroeconomic report once a month that covers most of the leading markets and emerging markets. This can be used by anyone. We pride ourselves on being a trading site that brings a variety of trades from different markets. Our top focus is American, European and Asian markets, so wherever you are from, you will find this site very useful. 

Why should I use this site over other trading sites?

You can use as many trading sites as you like but if you had to choose why us, then let us convince you. We not only bring our trading analysis and methods with explanations on why we are trading these but we gather news sources - an economic calendar, top headlines, upgrades & downgrades, earnings, market commentary - and feed them through one site. And, as we build our community, we build a playground for traders to socialise and share ideas. In addition to our Education and Extras areas, we focus on the whole world and not just one fixed point. We look into trade ideas from America, Europe and Asia and our macroeconomics goes into detail on what is happening in different economies. 

Top Features
  • Trade Ideas

Daily Scalp Trading, Weekly Swing Trading or Postion Trading with various trading models. Day trading ideas are issued live in our commentary section, with watchlists being released weekly for swings trades, and the monthly macro report brings up trade ideas which are intended to be hedged and held over a few months.

We issue trade ideas for global equites with a primary focus on the US and Euope. We trade across most asset classes, most commonly single stocks, index trades, commoditties, forex, futures and bonds.

  • Access to our trading portfolio

We have two main portfolios. The day trading portfolio and the Macro Top Down Portfolio although we run various different strategies.

  • Educational

Access to educational material, which will be constantly updated with new information. We also provide tutorial videos. 



Member Perks
  • Morning/Afternoon reports 
  • Economic Calendar 
  • Daily Market Commentary 
  • Monthly Market Report 
  • Global News 


Our commitment

This website will teach you how to be a better trader as you will learn how to be objective and consistent from seeing our day trading and swing trading blotters on a daily basis.